Vidgle Media Kit


Vidgle Media Kit

What is Vidgle?

Vidgle is an internet television website. Vidgle distributes on multiple platforms, including podcast, iTunes, TV, mobile, and more.

What is Video Podcasting?

Video Podcasting is a podcast feed that contain video files instead of just audio files.

Our Video Site

Our site called Vidgle (vid•gule) and was established in November 2007 with ideas that originated back to 2004. Vidgle allows users to watch videos on the site on their computer, through their podcast reader, their iPhone/iPod Touch by using a Wi-Fi or EDGE/3G network, and 3GP video capable mobile phones. The videos posted on the site are series of shows that is updated on a schedule. Vidgle was built with mobility in mind, there is a mobile version of the website that allows users to watch videos on the go with a mobile device with no additional software/application needed. Vidgle was the first video podcast to have a mobile friendly version

Launched in September 2009, Vidgle’s 2.0 portal has new advanced features allows users to easily share the video, find episodes easier and easy for us to interact with other websites, such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. It is In 2009, Vidgle reached over 25,000 viewers through mobility, podcast, and streaming.

Shows on Vidgle

Though most podcasts have one specific genre, Vidgle has shows that evolves around information on culture and travel. Show that are already on Vidgle include:

  • Con Goer, a series that reports from sci-fi, comic and anime conventions. It is the most popular podcast series on Vidgle and the first video podcast to cover conventions of sci-fi, comic and anime.
  • AZ Tech Talk, a technology talk show that discusses of what’s happening in the technology industry (coming soon)
  • Lucky Podcast, a show for nerds which includes current culture, technology, and news. (coming soon)
  • Fantanime, a show that let viewers preview anime shows before they come out of Japan! (coming soon)
  • Cosplaying with Mia, a show about making cosplay (costume) outfits. (coming soon)

Why advertise on a video podcast?

  • viewers are able to watch the show on-demand and whenever they want
  • viewers can watch the podcast on the go, with their iPod, laptop, phone and TV.
  • viewers can share videos on social networks by embedding our videos, such as Facebook
  • the ad can contain audio and/or moving graphics.
  • viewers may watch it more than once and share it with friends

Why advertise on Vidgle?

  • Vidgle users are loyal and make frequent visits to the website.
  • Users can embed any Vidgle video podcast on their website/page; including Livejournal, Facebook, and MySpace.
  • Users can access our official social networking profiles, such as Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed and Twitter, and are able to get notified when new episodes are published
  • Users watch most of the video episodes several times and like to share them with friends.
  • Users don’t need a computer to watch videos. By logging on to the Vidgle website on an iPhone, AppleTV, Nintendo Wii, and other compatible devices, users can watch videos directly on their device.
  • Vidgle is available and searchable on many podcast directories, including Miro Guide, Blubrry, iTunes, and Odeo.
  • Vidgle is the first podcast that has a mobile website, which users are able to watch episodes without using a computer.
  • All Vidgle videos and episodes are searchable with Google Video and Bing.
  • Vidgle has a high definition feed, so users can watch episodes in high definition on their high definition television and monitors.
  • Vidgle videos can be played on Facebook when a user shares a link on a Vidgle video page.
  • In 2009, Vidgle had the most interviews with celebrities than any other independent podcast.
  • Vidgle produces shows with professional equipment, such as Final Cut Studio for video editing. Some of our equipment listings, is available on our website ( Vidgle also has two studios for in house production, one from our content center and another studio for our green screen.
  • Vidgle was a featured video podcast on, and Miro Guide.
  • Vidgle was nominated for “Best Video Podcast” in the 2010 Podcast Awards

Who Watches Vidgle

Survey conducted in October 2009.

By Country

Country Percentage of Audience
United States 90%
Great Britain 3.5%
Canada 0.5%
Austriallia 0.5%
Germany 0.5%
Japan 0.5%
China 0.5%
Other 3%

Country listings obtaind by our tracking IP Address requests, excludes (search engine) robots.

By Gender

Gender Percentage of Audience
Women 45%
Men 55%

By Age

Age Percentage of Audience
16 and under 20%
17 – 25 50%
26 – 40 30%
41 – 55 15%
56 and over 5%